Precast Products

Introducing OceanSpan


In addition to conventional construction techniques, we have developed innovative pre-cast concrete solutions which directly benefit our clients’ projects from a quality, cost and timeliness perspective. 


By incorporating our precast concrete technology into our projects, we offer our clients a quicker realization to their return on investment whilst achieving unsurpassed ‘factory-controlled’ quality and structural finishes, simply not achievable using conventional construction techniques. 

Our precast concrete solutions include, precast framework (beams and columns), precast slab and flooring solutions (OceanSpan), and precast concrete walls. 

benefits of our pre-cast concrete solutions



The off-shutter finish obtained from conventional shuttering techniques simply do not compare with the quality and finish on our pre-cast concrete systems. Where traditional beams, walls and ceiling soffits typically need to be plastered, our pre-cast products are delivered and installed onsite as a finished maintenance-free product. 


Reduced time

Manufacturing of precast elements (typically offsite) can occur concurrent or prior to onsite construction activities (e.g. bulk earthworks), since these elements are typically manufactured offsite. 


Cost reduction

Our pre-cast manufacturing systems minimizes material wastage, reduces propping and scaffolding costs, lowers site labour costs and site defects. 


Reduced maintenance

Our pre-cast systems are ideal for low-maintenance structures. Having a smooth concrete finish, our pre-cast products do not require any plastering, rendering or even painting (where a “concrete finish” is preferred). Plastered finishes typically age unpleasantly over time if not appropriately maintained.